Choose the Right Contractor for The Job

A letter from our arborist, John Edwards

How do you choose the right contractor for your landscaping job?  Having a company of landscape professionals on board is a good start.

Several attributes should come to mind when considering which contractor will provide the best guaranteed service for your landscape needs. The company should be qualified by repeat clients and referrals, proven years of experience, and offer full service landscaping; including complete design, build, and maintenance services, competitive rates, and a policy of satisfaction guaranteed!

And that guarantee is important. There are many individuals that call themselves landscape contractors. What does being a landscape contractor actually mean?  The State of North Carolina has recognized the need to qualify individuals to be able to call themselves Registered Landscape Contractors. The State has provided a system that helps ensure that you will be provided the excellent service you desire from your landscape contractor. Those individuals that carry the distinction of being a NC Registered Landscape Contractor have proven years of experience, extensive knowledge of landscape, legal, and business practices and have gone through rigorous testing to assure this experience and knowledge. They are considered true professionals in their field.

Larmore Landscape Associates, Inc. has served Winston-Salem and the surrounding area for 35 years.  Each of us is proud to work together with other professionals in our company to provide you with the combined experience and horticultural education of well over 350 years in the fields of design, landscaping, construction, irrigation, arboriculture, and related horticultural services. We are dedicated to reliability, continuing education, and employee development, in order to provide you with the best design-build and maintenance services available.

Consider letting us provide you with a uniquely creative design and professionally installed and maintained outdoor living space.