Last Day to Order Spring and Summer Annuals – Friday, February 6

A beautiful pink begonia. Photo credit: Pinterest/Wobblymol

A beautiful pink begonia. Photo credit: Pinterest/Wobblymol

FLOWER WEEK: Last day! Larmore Associate Richard Benner is taking orders for spring and summer flowers including begonias, petunias and other colorful, blooming beauties. The flowers are grown for us and after the last frost date, we bring them to your yard or business and plant them for you. Time is running out to place orders for 2015, so please give us a call today: (336) 765-6340. Richard can tell you about all of the color options and even come out to your property to plan a flower bed for you. This would make a wonderful Valentine’s present!


FLOWER WEEK: Spring Flower Orders are Due By February 6

petuniasFLOWER WEEK! It’s time to order your spring annuals including petunias (in lots of gorgeous colors), begonias and other blooming beauties. Richard Benner is our Manager of Ornamental Flowers and he can tell you about all the different varieties of flower that we offer. We take orders this time of year and then when spring arrives, we’ll come to your home or business, prep your flower beds and plant the flowers for you. For more information, call us at 336-765-6340.