Ghost Forests – An Accelerating Phenomenon


Ghost forests is a general term used to describe stands of long-dead trees that have typically been submerged in ocean water. Sometimes these forests and generated by sudden catastrophic events such as earthquakes, but scientists are beginning to focus on the stands of trees slowly dying by encroaching salt water. As sea levels rise, saltwater is drifting into freshwater areas and creating marshland. There have also be incidences where storms bring in salt water, such as in the case of Hurricane Sandy, but it is not receding as quickly as the norm.

Scientists are now using these ghost forests as an indicator of climate change and  they are becoming very prevalent along the eastern shore board, all the way down to Texas. the main focus on the growth of these ghost forests is the rate at which they are accelerating, which is currently very debated. Studies are being conducted that show the forests are spreading at an accelerated rate, but the findings are still inconclusive. According to one study, 100,000 acres along the Chesapeake Bay have been lost in the past 100 years, but photos show the rate of losses is currently four times higher than it was in the 1930’s. The transition from forest to marshland does come with a variety of pros and cons, including less habitat for migratory birds, but more habitat for saltwater fish. Tree species that are being affected include Atlantic white cedar, cypress, loblolly pines, and Eastern red cedar.

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Photo credit and information on how this phenomenon is affecting North Carolina’s coastline here.


Larmore Landscape Staff Members to Participate in Cleanup of Odd Fellows Cemetary

Larmore Landscape Staff Members will be helping to clean up the Odd Fellows Cemetary on February 22, 2014.  All volunteers over 14-years of age are wanted!

Larmore Landscape Staff Members will be helping to clean up the Odd Fellows Cemetary on February 22, 2014. All volunteers over 14-years of age are wanted!

On February 22, 2014, staff members from Larmore Landscape Associates will participate in a Professional Grounds Management Society (North Carolina Branch) outreach project at the Odd Fellows Cemetery.  The cemetery is a landmark in Winston-Salem, N.C. that has fallen into disrepair. The project goals are to do general cleanup over much of the 13 acre site and to completely restore a one acre portion of the grounds. The NC Branch envisions making this a multi-year event. We encourage other volunteers (age 14-years and older) to join us in helping to clean up this site.

Here is some information on the event from the Professional Grounds Management Society.

When: February 22, 2014 (rain date will be the following Saturday, March 1, 2014)

Time: The event will begin at 10 a.m. and run until 3 p.m. or  once the project is completed, whichever comes first. Lunch will be provided.

Where: The Cemetery is located at 2881 Shorefair Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27105. Click here to see a map for directions. Parking is available in the large parking lot directly west of the Cemetery.

What to expect: Volunteers will be doing a variety of tasks including: picking up litter, removing and loading brush and wood, using wheel barrows, shoveling, raking, sowing grass, spreading straw and removing English Ivy from the base of trees. There will be work from light to heavy to accommodate most strength and skill levels. However, the terrain is uneven with tripping hazards, brush and debris. Those wishing to participate should take this into account. Jeans or heavy work pants, long sleeved shirt, work gloves and boots (if you have them) would be appropriate attire. As February weather in North Carolina can be quite fickle, volunteers are encouraged to dress accordingly. Due to the heavy equipment that will be in use and the nature of the site we ask that those under age 14 not attend.
If you would like to volunteer please click here to e-mail Chairman David Davis, CGM. (E-mail address is, please put in the subject line in capital letters “I want to volunteer for the Odd Fellows project.”) Project committee members are: Roger Conner, CGM, Joe Jackson, CGM, Susanne Woodell, CGM and Tony Bayless.

Other groups who are helping to sponsor this event include:

  • Bloomday Granite and Marble
  • Carolina Disposal Service Inc
  • Cutting Edge
  • Ellen Bassett
  • Frank L. Blum Construction Company
  • Keep Winston Salem Beautiful
  • Lusk Tree Service
  • Mid-South Irrigation
  • PGMS NC Branch
  • Piedmont Rent-A-Jon
  • Shouse Nursery
  • Village Tavern
  • Wake Forest University Athletic Department
  • Wake Forest University Volunteer Service Corps
  • Wake Forest University Sustainability Department
  • Winston Salem State University Volunteer Service Corps